The Duck Tavern and Bartender Lilly would like to say "Thank you for all of your support during this very difficult time".  On thanksgiving night patrons, friends and families gathered to raise money to help Lilly. The Duck Tavern Family  "THANKS"  all of you for your generosity. 

Please Click Below to Donate

towards this event.  We are currently working on creating a Paypal Account. 

Sign Up for Event: Show up on Saturday, December 10th at The Duck Tavern to participate in the Fun Run!

Teagan Murray is a 4 year old who recently found out that she has a rare type of Diabetes. This past summer, she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  This was the scariest time for the new parents as Teagan is only 4 years old. Despite what has happened to her she remains positive and you will get the chance to meet her.   She will be running in the event along side Mom, Dad and the rest of the Murray Family.  So please join The Duck Tavern Family as we find away to help her through this very expensive and difficult time.  

The Duck Tavern EST. 1999

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